You’re Not the Only One Who Needs a Hair Cut

Keep your pet looking well-groomed

Your dog is overdue for a trim. His fur is looking a bit unkempt, and he’s starting to smell. Bring your dog to A Dog Zen Salon today for our full-service grooming packages. All sizes and breeds are welcome to benefit from a grooming appointment that will include toenail clipping, ear cleaning and gland cleaning, as well as a haircut.

Call 208-938-0025 now to schedule a grooming appointment for your pet.

Benefits of regular grooming

Your pet can only do so much to maintain his own hygiene. When it comes to getting rid of odors, repelling fleas and ticks and keeping his hair trimmed, he relies on you to help him out. Here are some of the benefits of having your dog groomed regularly:

  • Keep your pet looking and smelling fresh
  • Reduce shedding
  • Maintain a healthy coat and skin
  • Prevent your pet’s hair from matting

Choose A Dog Zen Salon today to maintain the health and appearance of your pet.